The ultimate sustainability project to come to market in New York City. BORN JUICE is the first cold-pressed juice bar & plant-based eatery in the Bronx. BORN JUICE is revolutionary because it has created a zero carbon footprint model, as it incorporates green technology in the form of hydroponic gardens to grow food, harvested for our cold pressed juices and plant based dishes. The South Bronx is considered a vast food desert, also the poorest congressional district in The United States, it is for this reason that BORN is a social entrepreneurship model that works with local youth to teach them about urban farming, technology, social gastronomy and hyper-local systems. In the process, BORN JUICE empowers the local population riddled with health disparities and awakens them to a new green reality, operating in their own neighborhood. A leader in food and agricultural technology, as well as social gastronomy in the Bronx, BORN JUICE has become the center of access and education, offering healthy options to a population historically deprived of healthy, hyper-local, sustainable food.